The CNMC 2009


The CNMC 2009 has come and gone. I am so going to try and get there next year. At least that is what I’m going to try and do. I hope that they still have it in the USA. I think it would be good to go with the Youth from a church. I think that they would get alot out of it. But the fee to get in could be a lot of money. But it would be so good for them.

When I was ustreaming it felt like I was there with them. So that was a lot of fun. Yet, to be there is just something that I would like to do. These are people that I talk to all the time. I might not be able to talk to them ever week or anything but I call there feed back lines all the time.
I think the only thing that was kind of bad was the Mayor had his pants this year. (in side joke for the people who where around last year)
However back to the day of sitting at the computer and trying to work on other things and not seeing the CNMC. I was really trying to get this thing called a podcast up. it was not working. So what I did was I took 5 mints to get a deep breath, well then it was 10 and on and on. By the time I looked at the clock again I had been watching the CNMC for 5 hours. That Podcast was not going to get done it’s self. And so I let it go. I was having a good time. It was fun to sit and type my day away with friends that could not be there. And now I have to get of the computer and I’m so happy that all had fun on the computer and others who were there had a good time I hope to see new and great pitchers soon

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