a letter to Meme


Dear Meme,

As I sit here thinking of all the stuff you and I have had to go through to get to where we are today. Man we have come very far. I know that last month was not fun for you or me. I know that life has been very hard. Yet, we did it. We got through about the hardest thing ever. And look we are still here. As we move forward we are going to do something different. I’m very sorry but you are going to need to understand that I, the other side of you need to keep things going in life. Yes I know that you don’t feel like God and you are not talking and that is Ok really. However you still need to go to church for the other things.
In the coming months it’s going to be very stressful so you are going to need to keep those spoons in check. I will help you but I need you to know that if I say no we can’t do that, it’s because I’m trying to keep some spoons. July is your Birthday then the next month you are getting some teeth out. So you need to just try and keep things under control. Don’t worry I will help you as much as I can. And you know that you have some very great people in your life.

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