I can’t wait until tonight

Tonight I’m going to see a good family friend. I have not seen this friend in a long time. It will be a good time. Any time I think of her, I think of the big house. My sister and I were little kids and our memories are much different then her kids. My sister and I would play in the front were you would walk in. We also would be in the pool out back. I remember using having a great time going down to the house and just asking mom and dad if we could go right into the pool. Some times it was not even a Hi the the family. It was more like can we get in the Pool?? This is also the family that we went to the beach on Easter with. My dad had to come and get me out of the water in his good clothes.
Today is now 24 hours later and I did get to see my family friend. It was just so good to see her. I really needed to hear the same things that people have been saying to me. It just needed to come from her. I now have an e-mail for her and I do plan on e-mailing her. I know that she can ground me when I need it.
So thank you so much for the time that I got to spend with you and my family.

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