why blog


I was asked this many times when I was at trial. The only think that I could really say is that is a way that I can tell my side of what is going on. Some times I feel like people don’t want to hear my side of the story. Or I just can’t find the right words to get my side out.

This is the place that I can get my thoughts out. When people don’t want to hear me I can some what write what I am feeling. Now I have to tell you that I would not like this at all if I didn’t have the speech out put. With out it I don’t know what I would do. Life would be very different with out it, that is something I do know.
So back to why I blog? I feel that I can take the time to get my thoughts for a question and put them together in a way that I like. No one is telling me I have to blog but no one is holding me back. I like to blog because I can.
I had a friend that was not at trial but asked me the same question why do you like to write. I told her that I can get out what I want in writing. Yes, I know the spelling is not that good. But when you get to know who I am you also get to know my writing. I know when I was little I didn’t like writing because I could not hear what I was writing. I could not hear the wrong word. So when I was little I could not stand writing.
But now I love to write when I can hear what I am writing.

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