need more sleep


Don’t you hate it when you just can’t sleep on the weekend? I know my body is hurting but come on it’s the weekend. I could go for a walk but my leg is still hurting. I don’t want to make it any more in pain. It just so happens that I am going to the G P on Monday. I will be talking to her about this pain. It’s been going on sends March. The P T person said it might have something to do with my back. It’s summer time and my back hurts again. The C P likes to take over my body in stages. In the winter it’s the lower half of me. In the summer it’s the top half. What a life to live.

The other day I went to the pool to see if it would help my back. well no it did not. However there is a funny story. I did all the things that I was suppose to do in the walking part of the pool. I took to of the noodle and got myself to the deep end of the water. I was just hanging trying to get my back to like me again. Well, then I got to the point were I needed to get out of the pool so that was fine I would just start kicking to move me to the end were I could walk. I was going no where. I think I stayed in the same spot for 2 mins. Some one came over and asked if I needed help getting in. I very nicely said no I could do it. Man, I should have said yes. It took me a very long time to get back to were I could stand. So if you can see a little ashen girl kicking her hardest to get moving it was me.
So now it’s the weekend and I still can’t sleep. Legs hurt back is killing me. And there is not much i can do about it. I think the only thing I can say is that I need sleep.

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