one year ago


I have to say that June 11th will never be the same for me. If you don’t understand go back and read all about “life altering” I can say that it has been a hard day and I didn’t think I would make it but I did it and I even went to an appointment for my teeth.

I try to look at it as though one year down and many years to go. I will never let this Doctor take room up in my mind. I might come here and talk about what I am feeling but I’m going to try very hard not to let him take over my life. Again I think that if I look at it as I have come a long way from a year ago. I can now talk about it openly. I don’t have to keep it to my self any more. I think this will keep me from over thinking it. Life as I know it before June 11 2008 will never be the same. I have come to know that and I’m trying very hard to understand that also.
People are still saying that I did a great job. I still feel like I should be able to do more then what I did. But there is still the medical bord that he needs to get through. I am not holding my breath about that but I know that they are going to work on trying very hard on this point.
I’m hopeing that in another year or so I can look back on this as a thing that just happend to me. Yes it will shape the way I look at life but it’s not going to be everthing.

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