I love this pitcher. And a talk to the Lord re-post

I think to myself that I wish I could take this kind of pitcher. I love these kind of pitchers. I don’t know why. I love the shape and I love the color if it. I’m finding many things around me that makes me think of God. I know that God has given me a task to do and I will pick up my cross and take it on.

Is it just me, I would like to believe that the Lord is looking out for me. but at the same time, why Lord did you give this to me. Are you trying to show me that I can do what you wish of me. By giving me things that will take my mind off the task at hand?

The little girl in side is confused of what you are asking. She would like to give it all back to you, or could you show her what you would like in a way that a little girl would understand. Oh Lord are you helping her to understand buy given me ways to see you in different ways. So she can see you and know that you are there for her.

(started on 10-5-08 at 3:37 pm posted on 6-6-09)

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