More work or the same work?? re-post


Well I had appointments all after noon yesterday after work, but the big question was the appointment for work. How much work was I going to be able to do. more work or the same work. that was the big question that my boss had asked.

Part of me really likes working only five hours a day and the other part of me feels that I need to work more. I think that part of me knows that the pay checks are going to be very small for a bit. When I got to the appointment with the rehabilitation doctor we talked, about this in langth. It was desided that I would work one full day (8 hours) and then the other days I would work 6 hours. I didn’t think that it was to bad. I am some what worried about working the full day. but I hope it will just get better.
Then it was off to a group that I really like most the time. For some resone this time I just didn’t get much out of it. And the many words and phrases that the work coach and the Psychologist and many others have said I could not use any more. Well they were coming up all over the place in this group. so it was very hard to sit there and just take it in. Knowing that I was not able to say things like what was said. the things that were said were not bad or anything but they are just things that I can’t say they are words that are put down words or words that are not health words for me.
(started on 2/28/08 but did not post it unitl 6/3/09)

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