saw this pitcher and just thought people and faith.


I saw this pitcher and thought of many things. I thought to myself all of these rocks are important. With out one of them it would not be a good pitcher. Then I got to thinking of how God has put us on this world. We are all different, kind of like the rocks. Some of us can do some things that others can’t do. The big rocks are just as important as the little ones. There are people that are big people in the world. Then there are just the little people in the world. Yet, they are just as important in the world as they are in the pitcher. The little people can’t make the big people. Just like the Big people can’t make the little people.

I would have to say that I am a little person in a very big world. I don’t know why God put me on this world but there must be a reason. Just like in the pitcher there is just the right kind of rocks in the pitcher.
(started on 5-27-09 posted on 5-30-09)

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