The perfect week


Have I ever told you about what a perfect week would look like? Well here we go with what it would look like.

I would get up every day and be able to go to work. All computers at work would work. (That has not happened in a very long time. For the past month someones computer did not work.) I have also not been able to work all 5 days yet. I might make it one week but the next week I will be out.
All work things could stay at work. Well I’m learning how to leave it there.
I would not have to have a work coach. I would not have to call her to get the anxiety down or get me out of a funk. Now I have to say that I love my work coach, and I’m so happy that I have one. I have not job hopped in 5 years. This is because of the Work coach. Now let me tell you that it was not until I moved to down town that I got a work coach. So, it was 5 years that I didn’t have one. So what dose that say about me.
I would be able to go work out like I would like Monday Pool and Wednesday Gym. This has not happened yet. I have had my pass for both things and not been able to do both things yet.
All appointments would be in my book and ready to go for the week. If more appointments needed to be made I would have room in the calendar. I have come to the fact that I’m going to have appointments for the rest of my life. This is a hard fact to look at. At one time I was strong and did not have all the appointments that I have now. Well that one has been a good thing that I have done. I can’t live with out my calendar. ( Ask the people that i work with.)
I would still have spoons at the end of the day, to go and do something. I would not have to worry about if I was using to many. This is a big one I don’t like to do much of anything when I get home from work because I don’t have the energy to do anything but sleep. Or I don’t have the spoons.
I would be able to spend time with Grandma, and my sister one night a week. I’m going to be working on Grandma. I have P T in her end of town.
When the bills come in that week I will pay them right away. Ok there are a few things of why I don’t do this. First I have to have the money in my account. So I have to hold on to some of them. The other thing is that I’m lazy.
One day of the weekend would be doing house things. I would be able to clean, do laundry, and do things that I think I need to do. At the end of of the day I would be able to go out with the b-friend. The other day I would be able to go out and see the world around me. Sorry that is not what I do. I am resting one day and not doing anything. The other day I’m doing laundry and running out of energy.
Church would be a bigger part of my life. I would be able to go every week. I would be able to spend time with the teens again. I can say that church has been around. It has been hard to go to church, so some times it’s a hit or miss kind of thing.
I would be able to spend time with friends. I can’t I’m working and I don’t know how many spoons I would be using with work.
Now that I have put this in writing. I have to say that some of these things are things that I can work on. Others of them are just fact. However, about 10% of it is just me making excuses to why I don’t do it.
So now you know what my perfect week is.

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