wisdom teeth


More bad news. I have to get my wisdom teeth out. I had a feeling that they were going to have to come out soon. but not now, why now? I don’t have time right now to get them out. I don’t have P T O to get them out. The last thing is that I don’t have the money to get them out. The only thing that people have been saying is that getting them out is not as bad as it use to be when I was little. I just need my mommy. Why is it when these things are happening to me I have to be older then the “normal person”

Oh yes, I have been thinking about it ever cents I got home today. I know I can’t do it now. I might be able to do it next month or something. It’s not like I’m going to have the money next month I will just have some room to move a bit more.
So I think what I am saying is that I have to get more money to make my life a bit better. If the Angels are out there, can you please look out for me!!!

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