Ok it has not even been a week


These few days off from Blogging has been good to me. I have been able to hear so much. I have found time to just be me. Mom and Dad made dinner for the b-friend and me. Let me tell you that it was so good. I have been able to really look at other things. Yet, I have missed posting things. There has been a lot of things going on. Monday my work computer’s hard drive crashed. Now when something like this happens it’s very hard on anyone. However, I have other things that needs to be put on my computer so I can do my job, and that has been the hard thing. There have been many calls to the work coach about this. I know that people have been helping me a lot and I love them for the help. But trying to get this kind of thing done is hard to do because I have had to work with people that have there jobs that they need to do also. I’m not talking the I T people. but the bank dosen’t and will not help with the other stuff I need. So that help has to come from people in my department. So that has been a head ake all on it’s own. I had two appointments this week that were right when I needed to work. So there was a lot of driving down town and then out of down town and then back to down town. And through all of this my boss did not care. He I don’t think will ever care about what happends to me. I feel like he is only look out for him self and no one more. Even though he has a hand full of people working under him.

I could not tell you the day or what day of the week it is right now. I think the only thing I can say is, “when will the week be over?”

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