I wish I could be "normal"


Normal to me would be not having Cerebral Palsy, not having all the appointments that I have been given from God. I would not have to take lots of baby steps.

I now know why I named my blog the way I did. I can just tell you what I feel and not have to worry about what anyone other then me thinks about what I am going to talk about.
I feel that I have not had a normal life for a very long time. I would say it was about the time
that my family moved to Mn in 1998. Yes many good things have happened why I have been here in Mn. Yet, there are so many things that are not good. For one me getting sick would not have happened. I would have not had to take the pixel. Then I would not have had the shaking spells. I would not be as mad with myself. I would not have had to worry about all the things that I worry about. I feel like nothing has been the same. I feel like I was dropped kicked in to the big world. It was like ever cents we moved I have had to learn how to do things on my own. It was to late to run home to mom and dad. I feel like Cerebral Palsy was never a big thing in my life it was just there. I feel like sents we moved it has become a bigger part of my life. Why.
I feel like I am out of place. I feel like I have not done anything good scents I have been here. I have made so many people mad at me. I feel that God would still be in my heart all the time, but right now I feel like he comes in and out.
Life in my eyes just sucks. At least right now in my eyes.

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