it’s going to be a very long weekend for me


Hi all, I would like to just drop a post to tell you that yes I am still here. Yet, it’s going to be a long weekend for me. I know today is Sunday and all. The weekend should be coming to an end right. I should be going back to work on Monday. Well that is not happening. Don’t worry I still have a job. I think that is the only good thing about this whole thing. Boy-friends dad is home, well his body is. And now we get to do the hart things.

Yesterday, we did go see the body and Oh my God. You guys he didn’t look at all like him self. I have a fear of death and I think most of you guys know about this. I don’t look at bodies because I don’t know what I will see. Going to see the body just put the fear even more deeper into me. I had to call my mom and dad and tell them. I didn’t know what I was crying about half the time. That he was gone or the body didn’t look like him at all. I have been having a hard time today and last night sleeping because I could just see the body.
Today will be a day that I try and get something done around here, oh like clothes and things like that. On Monday will be the church funeral and I will be there for the family. Yet, I might not be looking at the body again. There will be lunch after church and it will be nice to see some of these people. Most of them I don’t even know but it will be a time that I will get to known them.
Tuesday, will be the trip to put him in the ground. That will be hard on all of us. I will be there also for the family and for me. this is the part that I have to be there for. I need to have some kind of end to this whole thing. In the afternoon I will be getting my new brace.

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