feel like nothing is going right


I have never had to come home from work in very long, long. It is because I don’t work very long. 6 hours is not a long time. So it’s almost like if I get there it’s time to get going to work on the work and then go home. Yet today I just keep getting worries as the day went on. I think that today I just needed to come home and hide. However I am going to try and get out there tomorrow and try to do again. I did talk to my dad today. He remember me that I just need to keep going even when I feel sick of life.

The B-friend has some good news and that is that his dad’s body is coming home on Friday. So it’s going to be a long weekend again for me. I will try and get some spoons saved up and I think today was one of those days that I just could not take the stress any more.


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