Am I a bad catholic?


I am writing this post to ask myself if I’m a bad catholic. I have a very, very hard time with Holy Week. With the loss of my b-friends dad this week and me just having so much going on in my life. I have not wanted to or, could find time to go to church. So am I a bad Catholic.

I did cry to my FR Terry this week about many things that have been going on in my life. I cried to him because for me to believe in something I have to see it and to see God I have to have Faith, and for me to have faith I have to believe in God and what he has done for me. And right now I just can’t do it. I have not been able to do it for a long time. I hope and some what pray (when I’m running to and fro) that I will be able to find my light in my sole again.

Yes I know that most of you are going to say that God gave his life for us, to show us how much he loves us. It’s just so hard right now. And as FR Terry said to me I could come to him when I was mad at God and just wanted to hit God because he (God) did me wrong.

So that is were I have been all week, trying to get ready for something at the end of the month, Getting ready for Mom and Dad to come home, comfort my b-friend and his family, balance work and just try and take care of me. Because God is not helping me at all right now.


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