Why so many videos and pitchers?


As you guys have seen I have been putting more video, and pitchers on my blog. some of them are of me and some are of other things. I’m doing this not because I have nothing to say but I am doing it because I’m trying to learn how to use my cell phone. I can take pitchers and post them but getting them here is some what hard. I’m using utterli for my videos. I’m still using Ping. There is a new site that a friend got me to look at and it’s Mobypicture. I can have it put the pitchers on my blog, or go out to other net works. Dose anyone have any other good place that I can send my video or pitcher and it will move them around my the diffrnet net works I’m own?

Hey my thought is that I have unlimited texting and video on my new phone so use it. I’m still thinking of getting the one that Rob has. But for now I don’t have the money and if my cell phone will do it use it. I still have a Mac book that I am still saving up for. I might not get it in the begging of this year but I am getting it this year.

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