Just a friend

Have you ever had a time when you just need a friend to listen to you. Not to say anything, and not to do anything. Just to be a friend. For the past few days that is what I have needed, just a friend to talk to, an ear to talk to, a shoulder to hold me up. Yes there are many people that have been there to listen to me. Yet, I have found that most of my friends are on line. I can always talk to them and it’s great.
My friends that I can see and are a live don’t really want to listen they have there own problems. They know that I will listen to them, I will be the shoulder to hold them up. I will do anything they need me to do because that is just the way that I am. In other words I will put myself secent to my friends. I get that from my mom.
My really good friends from childhood live all over the country, so it’s kind of like talking to people on the net it’s just that I have met them and seen them but the phone or the net same kind of thing, I can’t see them.
I think it was just a hard few weeks and I needed to get it out. So thanks for reading this. I will try and start over next week and have a better out look on life.

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