Can I say 2 for 2


I would love to say two for two, but wait it was a bit harder today in the morning. Yet, after 8:30 am I was doing well. This morning was just like all the other mornings. Got up looked at my spoons and said “I’m doing really good right now” got ready for work like I always do. Got to work and everything was still going well. I even remember to put on a green something. 

This is were I get a bit up set. My co-worker is never on time. I understand that the bus could be late and things like that. However I can get to work get my computer up and both the other computers up before she comes in. Then I can get the internet stuff done before she is logged in. This is what makes me mad. Now, she sometimes gets there when I had a night that should have kept me home but  when I get these she can’t remember how to do things with the two computers. and then we are running late. 
Today it was a question about a CD and I have told her how to do it and I have also shown her how to do it. Yet, ones again she didn’t know how to do it. So she asked my coordinator and he was not to happy about this. He took it one as you know what to do and just let her get her self through it. I think she thought this was just so hard that she did not need to help with any other Items even though there were only 4 more, and let me tell you they where not so easy.
So later on in the day I did call the work coach just to tell her what was going on. You might call it venting. After that I was good for most of the rest of the day. Plurk keep me going, friends at work keep me going also. 

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