Today was one of the better days that I have had in a long time


I can’t believe what the pool will do for you. Today started like a normal day and I was not looking forward to getting up and going to work. I did and I’m glad I got myself there. Nothing really happened. I did my work and then I just got out. I did not have to call any one that I would have called with some kind of “help” feeling yes. I did call the work coach. I known she was not going to be in and that was Ok. It was not anything that could not wait until another time. It was just a day that was very good all around. I tried to make my brakes like I would have and I did. The best thing happened later on in the day, still at work. That was that some one needed my help to write a note. Yes, I did say write a note. Something that I would not be good at. However, I found it to be very easy to help her. She needed some help with how to get all the information in an e-mail. And the information that she needed she was not very up on it. For myself living with my disability and having friends I kind of have learned many things. So I helped her write this e-mail. It made me feel really good.   

After I got done at work I did go to Pool P T it was so good. I am starting to learn things on my own and am getting ready to go on my own in a few weeks. So what I am saying is that just going to the pool made my day also.

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