a Pitcher to think about


I found this pitcher, and I got to thinking of many things, it was almost like looking back in time. I would love to be able to stand right were the sun rays are coming down. It would be a good place to pray. It would be a good place to just take in what is around. I could imagine what it would look like in the spring. I could see my self getting married there some day. I could see it on a stage as a back drop for something. I could also see some one getting there pitcher taken there. 

If I listen long and hard I can hear the leafs falling down, and them being under my feet. I can hear the the birds in the back ground. I can also hear water some were a long ways a way. I can also hear nothing. I can smell fall, it’s a damp smell that only this time of year has. 
All of these thoughts from one pitcher. I love it, and at the same time. Why could I not have the ability to do this when I was little, and going to school? Could blogging be helping me to change the way that I think and the way I see things. Could blogging be able to change me as a person? Many thoughts are going through my head right now. 

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