I wish I could have said this better then this guy


Thank you to Lillytigre for posting this on her site. Yes it’s old and I don’t know if people are still fighting this. But I hope they are. I would have to say that Even though I am a Catholic and the church would not agree with me on this one. I feel that people should be able to pick who they love and who they Merrie.

Now most of you know that I have a loving and caring b-friend that puts up with me, and some times I don’t even know why he dose but he dose. I love him very much and I would not see my life with out him in it. I would not have been able to do some of the things that people said Mary you cant do that. He was there to say yes Mary you can.
Oh my he even helped me to pick out my first car. He was there to help me sign the papers on the loan. He means the world to me. Any hard thing that I have had to do in the past 7 years he has been right there for me. I love him for that. I wish I could say it better. Yet, I just can’t say how much I love him.
Now on to this thing that Lillytigre put on her blog. It is very hard to hear if you don’t have an open mind. So if you are a person that can’t think out side the box please don’t read on. Yet if you have been blessed with being able to think out side the box that your family has formed you into then go right ahead.


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