why do you write blogs


So, yesterday I wrote a blog about reading them. Now I ask the question why do you write them? Again, I know why I write my blog but I’m trying to figure out why you write in blogs? Do you have one blog or do you have two or three or even more? Do you find stuff the write about when you are just living your life? Or do you read something that just needs to be written down? Do you write to teach others? Do you write for fun? Do you find it easier to write a blog then in a note book? 

I think that I write in a blog because I would like to teach people that even though I have a disability, I can still do every thing you can do. I’m also trying to show other people that something that you might not think is a big thing, is a big thing for me. Remember I only have so many spoons in one day. However, others have a whole lot more them me. 
I did start writing this blog with some pushing from friends. I didn’t know if I would like to put it on my face book, or it out in the blogspot world. I have found some old friends with my blog. So it was nice that more then just my family was reading it at first.
I also have been known to read and take other peoples things and put them on my blog. Don’t worry I do give them a link back. It’s only right. 
I also find my, dear blog, a place that I can be me and not have to say something that people would like me to say. So it’s kind of like a place that I don’t have to be someone other then me. 

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