Do I have to go to work?


Yes, I know that I have to go to work. Yet, I wish I didn’t have to. I can’t stand my job, really. There is just so much that I don’t like it for. I wish that I could tell my boss man that he needs to get his head out and look around. 

I was talking to the work coach about the whole thing. And there are still days that I feel like she has know clue. Yet she has more of a clue then the boss man has.  Any way I was looking at jobs with in the Bank. Some look really good. Yet others of them I would love to go for but now that I have all the things in place for my job. It’s almost hard to think now I have all this stuff that has to come with me. I could try for the jobs but it’s just not a good thing when you go in and say Hi I’m the best one you are going to have. . . However I have all this stuff that I need. Doesn’t look very good.  

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