If I get to heaven


If I get to heaven I would love it if it was like this. I think this is one of the better pitchers of why I think that when you see the sun through the clouds it’s the holy spirit, coming down to get some one and take then to heaven. I just love the way that this is showing what I think of what is going to happen. So, if I get to heaven I hope and pray that the sun will be coming out of a cloud some were and my spirit will find it’s way up there. I also hope that God will be on the other side to say welcome home my child. 

So, God and friends now you know why, I like pitchers of the sky and really like pitchers of clouds that the sun is coming out of.  Even if it is not the holy spirit coming down, don’t tell me. The same is true for rain. I was told that when it rains down it is the angels blessing us. I was also told that snow is God having dandruff problems.

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