The Light from God??


As a young child I was told about the light being God. It’s something that I still believe in. It’s one of those things that my mom always told my sister and I that if you can’t see Father look at the light from the candle because that is God and we are not here to be able to see father. We are here to give of our self’s to God. So will you two stop wiggling and listen. 

So any time I see a light from a candle I think of God. I have been doing a lot of thinking of God in these past few months. I know that he is out there but I’m lost right now. I think it’s like I am a lost sheep and I need to be found. I also know in time I will be found and God will come back into my life. 
So for now I will just keep the light in my heart on and I will keep a candle on so I can keep being reminded that the light is God. 

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