how I got to were I am at my job.


As all of you know i work at a bank. There are days that I love it and other times can’t stand it. I have been working at this bank for 10 years now. I have not done the same thing for 10 years. I first was a teller and I liked it, I learned all there was to being a Teller and moved on to selling the accounts. I found that I could learn more about the people that I saw every day, week or month. Some of them became good friends. They trusted me with what I had to say to them. However in the market of sales I needed to make goals. That is what really got me worried about my job. 

The way that we had to make our goals were all about make the monthly goal. if you didn’t make the goal the first month then you were put on a verbal warning. If you didn’t get your goal the next month you were written up. If month three did not do you good you would be put on your last warning. If month four did you no good you could say good by to your job. This is why I feel that I was losing my mind. I was also feeling like I could not live up to what I should have been able to. How would you like it if you didn’t know if you were going to have a job next month? I could not live life like that, and so when I got my goals undercontrall I started to post out.

That is were I found the job that I am working at right now. It’s the same bank but I’m not working right in front of the people. Many things have changed with in my DEP. But some are the same. People come and go faster then you would think. people would also learn and go. It has not been easy for myself. With all of these people coming and going I also got to learn a new way to do my job. They came in and changed the way I did my job, that was very hard. because just about then we were going through another turn over. It was at this time when my disability started to show it’s face.I could see it happening. I was trying very hard to let it look like it was the new way of doing things. That didn’t work for very long. it was at that point when it was time to ask for out side help. I felt like I had one foot in the door and the other on the out side. When I got the help I needed I again had to learn how to do more things. Yet this time it was only myself learning. It did take me away from my job for a bit longer then I would have liked.

So after 4 years I am doing a job that I like most the time. I have the best hours that I could get. I work with some great people. I have all of  the things in place to help me. and I am getting better at letting work say at work. Now that I write it down it’s hard to believe that all that has happened in 4 years. 


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