If one person could do this for one day this is what I would do. Close my eyes and not look at the world. Not hear anything, just some what kind of go and hide. If you can’t tell it’s been a very long day for me and as the day went on the day just got longer, and harder. I think what I’m saying is that life to day was not something that I would like to do over. 

So much change that the little girl in side, of me just can not handle. The world keeps going and she is lost and there is no one to pick her up and hold her and tell her that everything is going to be just fine.  It’s like the world keeps going and she is standing still. The little girl did call out today in tears, yet there was no one to help her. For her it was a very big world that she didn’t have her mom and dad for and she just could not hold everything in place. How is a little girl supposed to keep her feelings in check?
What do you do for the little one in side of you? How do you keep going when the world around you is going and going and going? I thought “we” were getting better with change, however she showed her lovely self, and she did not like it “change”. 
If the little one is comeing out today what is the teen going to say? When is she going to come out? What is she going to be mad about? With all the stuff that is going on. When will the Cerebral Palsy start to show it’s self. 
I do have a plee for you. If you have any spoons around can you send them my way????

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