small problem


I have a small problem and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m doing a lot of thinking about this. I have said in some of my blog posts about my work coach changing. Well it’s going to be this week that it happens. 

Part of me just would like it to get over with. I think that is the 30 year old in me. The teen is saying to me ” see you should not have gotten so use to your work coach. No one can help you Mary. You can’t be helped and you should just not think you can be fixed” Now for the little girl “Meme” she feels that I let her down again. She is saying to me ” Look what happens when I trust you, I get hurt. You promised  that we could be safe with your work coach. Ones again you let me down. you lied to me and ones again I put my neck out for you and look, really look what you have done to me again.” 
She is very mad at me it is just like a little girl that has a hard life. and she would like to just go sit in a chair and cry for someone to come and help her understand why I can’t be trusted. I can see her going into a place that know one can get to. It’s a place that only she can go and feel safe. Yet I can’t help her when she goes there. Because I become her
So how do you tell the part of you that is sad and unhappy that it will be ok. Life will keep going on and you will do just fine with a new person. How do you pick up and keep going with a new person? How do you keep believeing in your self? How do you keep putting the trust into people that you think will still be there? 
So see I have a little problem 

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