thoughts that I have


So next week is going to be so much better. I have had a very hard week. I talked to my work coach today and told her that I have lost my spoons. I was out and could not keep going. She got it and said that it was good that I was at home. I thought she was going to be mad at me just because I have lost two days this week.

Something that I am going to try and work on is this Affirmation thing. Today is;
It’s hard to try and thing that I am a radiant being of light and love. I know I’m a child of God but it’s just hard to think that God would be willing to put his child through the things that he has put me through. One of the other things that I believe is that God will not give me any more then I can take on. So I think it’s another part of my life were I’m going to have to take baby steps.

Now I know that my B-friend is a radiant being of light and love. I think the world of him right now. I feel that he thinks the same thing of me, I love him for who he is and no more and no less.


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