Today was an IPod day


Have you ever had a day that you just needed to be alone? Well that is what my day was like at work. For the few Plurks that I sent out today, I just needed to be alone. The only way that I could be that way was if I had my I pod on. So that is so what I did. I had non work appropriately podcast on today. However it was very nice to just try and work and get away all at the same time. So now I am here writing a blog that just makes me feel really good. I feel very much at home on my blog. 

The B-friend and I had a talk about me geting a mac Book. As most of you guys know I would LOVE a mac book but right now I just don’t have the money. But it is something that I really would like. Then I can talk to my friends in the bed room, or if I get a good thought about a blog I can sit in the liveing room and blog. However he is right I don’t have the money yet so it will have to wait, and I know he is right. ( but don’t tell him, his head will get big)
with the new Itunes I can now say that I’m up to 372 podcast. I found some good ones over the weekend. So I have a few more this week. Today I was into 2 guys, 1 brain. The other one was Are we there yet?   So if you were looking for something good and catholic, sorry it will not be here. I just got all up to date with the foster parenting podcast. I think I have one or two more to get to for My crazy life. 

So I have a few to get through. You guys know me I love podcasts. I think it’s because I don’t have to buy anything. 

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