The other day I got taged from a good friend from the Netherlands, I was very happy that I got taged and I was very surprised also. I’m very happy that she sees my blog to be good enough to get this award.  I have never met Inge in person but I have met her from many other places. So like I said I was very surprised when she picked me as one of 7 people. So now it’s time for me to send it to 7 other people. 

First I need to tell you the rules here again
1 .The winners can add the logo to their blog:

2. Add a link on your blog to the one awarding you.
3. Sent the Award to at least seven other bloggers who stand out because of contenrt, themes and designs.
4. Put the links of these sites on your own blog.
5. Leave a comment on their site.
So now that  you know the Rules: I’m going to give the award to these people.
As Life flutters by. . .  Eunice is a single mom that loves her child, and would do anything for her child. We get to see the ups and downs of her life as a single mom. She is also one of many people that helped me start a blog. I have had fun seeing her grow through her blog. It’s a good read for all. 

fly High Michele Michelle is a person that is still going to school. So it’s fun to look at her life through her blog and think of my self when I was going to school. She is a very busy person and you get to see her life through her blog.

Spoon lady speaks. . .  Christine Miserandino writes about her life with Lupus. I think she is a wonderful person. she is also the person that wrote “The Spoon Theory” I feel that with out her blog and the spoon theory I would not have been able to do and understand myself. it’s a very good blog and it’s about the best read. 

Neko’s scratch Pad  Jasmin has a very good blog. I find new and fun podcasts to listen to on her blog. I love to be able listen to podcasts and she always has some thing that she is listening to. She is also good on keeping me up to date on what is going on in her part of the world. Good blog to check out also.

Zina Blog  Zina is a person that is a very wonderful person, she is one of the people that I have met through the SQPN community. I found her blog after she started a podcast. I get to see what she likes and dosen’t like. For myself it’s good to see others thoughts about rasing childern with a disablity, and I also get to see the other side of what a parent goes through. Thanks Zina for a good blog to read.

Keeping Up Louisa is a person of many trates. Her web page has every thing on it. She has done so many great things in her life, and now she is going to go to school out of the country. But she really has been a person that has done a bit of every thing. It will be fun to see what she ends up to do when she is in school. 

Work in progress Laura is a person that I hold very high. She is a person with a disability also. and for myself to see that other people can work and be great people in the world with a disability is a very good thing for me. I met her from Michelle. and I’m very happy about it. I have gone back into Laura’s blog and I have read some very good things about her. She has also been a person that has helped me to get a chip on my sholder. Thanks Laura.

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