My Work Coach


Because this is the way I see the world with my disability I would like to take this time and tell you all about my Work Coach. I have been working with her for almost two years. I know it’s hard to believe that it’s been that long, but it has.

First let me tell you a bit about how I came to get to know my work Coach. It was not like she just showed up one day and said I’m your work Coach. I wish it was that easy. In 2006 my job was changing so much that I could see my disability starting to show it’s self, I saw it much faster then the people at work did. I new I needed the help a lot faster then they did. I when to the state to try and get help in my job. I needed to get paper work from different doctors and I new that was going to take time.
When the paper work started to come in my job started to ask me more and morequestions about my errors. I tryed to keep them at bay for just a bit longer. I know that I was going to be getting the help very soon. The state sent me to the “staying on the job.” I started to work with a very nice person. It was the best time that also. I felt that I hand one foot in the door and the other one out the door.
This person was so nice and she helped with getting the things I needed to keep me doing my job. I had to learn a new program by myself. That would have been find but I was also learning how to do my job again. Like I said my job was changing also. I didn’t have anyone to help me learn this one program. So I felt very much like I was doing the sink or swim.
She and I went out and looked for��magnifiers��so I could do my job that had very small print. ��Who would think finding a magnifier was going to be SO hard. It was the thing that just was the hardest thing ever. When she turned me over to my work coach I still didn’t have a magnifier.��
In Oct of 2006 she told me that she was going to be handing me off to a new person. This didn’t go over very well on my behalf. I didn’t want to start working with someone I didn’t know. For me it was like starting all over again and that hurt me more then most people would or could see, but I didn’t have much say on this. The state was going to stop funding the person that was working on the staying on the job. And that is why I needed to move to a new person.��
Ok now that you know the back ground of what happened. Here is when I start talking about my work coach. At first I didn’t like her, sorry. I was not a person that liked change and she was a very big change. ��I just lost someone that I trusted with a lot of my fears and now I have to start all over. I was very much not happy and I told my Work coach that I do not like change at all. it’s going to take me a longer time to get use to you. She got that, I didn’t think she would but she did. ��
It was very bumpy for the first 3 months and she new it. However the first time I cried when she was in the room was when I started to feel better about her. One of the other big things that made me change my mind with working with her is when the person in HR that I was working with, left the bank. I again came right out and said to her that I was going to have a hard time with this change also. And really to this day I still think of that person and wish she would come back. I think my Work Coach can see it. I have learned many things with her. She has been there when I needed help. I think that one of the other big times that I was very happy she was there was when “We” had to meet my boss and my bosses boss and HR. She was able to take on and talk for me. I know I could have and she would have let me but she new how much I was��worrying����about it.��
I look back and see were I have come from and I just think that I would have, never been able to do some of the things that I can do with out her help. I call her almost ever day. She has become someone that I can tell her everything, And even when I don’t wont to tell her she knows what is going on in my little mind, she is great. We just met for the last time this month and I had something to tell her, I didn’t know how to tell her but I just came right out and said what I needed. And you know she got it, something that I don’t like to talk about she got.��I would not change work coaches with anyone. She is the best one. I have told her that if she ever leaves her job I’m going with her.��
So, what I am saying is that she is a person in my life that is just as important to me, as my family is. So thank you work Coach for ever thing you have done for me. Thank you for just being you. Thank you for being an ear to talk to. Thank you for being able to take on a person that doesn’t like change. Thank you for showing me that I might not like change but I do OK when it is happening. Thank you for letting me talk to you at least one time a day. Thank you for letting me call you at any time. ��And again thank you for all that you have done for me and all that you will help me with. I can not say the path that we go down is going to be smooth or anything like that but it is going to be one that I will not have to go down a lone.

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