spelling and reading


I didn’t know how much my spelling and reading would get better when I started this blog. But it has gotten much better. This makes me feel very happy that I am able to write and not worry about the spelling as much as I use to. Yes there are errores  with some words, and useing the right words like to, too, and two. However I am learning how to do it. 

Something that I was so worried about has become somthing that I love. I have to say that it’s been a up and down time with this blog. but I find myself being able to write a lot better here then write on a peace of paper. why I don’t know.
It’s been over 7 months now and I’m so happy that I have been able to keep it up.  And I still have so much to tell you. Some times it’s over welling to find the time to write it. and other times it’s almost like I can’t type fast. 

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