If there is a God, I really need Your help.


As you all know that I believe in God. Even though I was not able to go to the catholic New media celebration this year. I did find that God was trying to talk to me over the past weekend. Not to go into to much. I had an appointment today and I think God helped me through it. Yes, it was very hard, but I was able to talk to the doctor about it. Now that I started this thing I need God’s help to make shore that I am doing the right thing. Little things are starting to make scents and it’s nice. I am finding myself looking at the sky and remembering that there is nothing wrong in the sky.��

Here is another pitcher that takes me to a place that there is no wrong in the world. It’s a place that I go when I’m over thinking things.

So if God is out there can you please send down a angel to me. I really need there help. And all the prayers that I can get.��

Thanks God��


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