Listen and you will hear


Today I was doing the morning things and I got on I tunes and I when to Elsie’s Podcast, ��there was a��video I have already seen so it was nothing new but I looked at it again. I was home still in my PJ’s ��and it was like she was talking right to me about stepping in to your self. ��She also said some thing about if you don’t��listen��to God. He will find a way to get what ever he would like you to do through to you.��

So I got to thinking of what she said and if I was ment to do what I am doing, right now. It’s Ok but I will fight it all the way. Like Elsie said “I said NO.” And I look at my own life right now and I see myself��falling��back into the I am saying NO and I’m putting my foot down. It’s hard to believe that with all the help that I have been blessed with I would still try and tell God NO. He has sent many good and loving people into my very strange life and I don’t see it until months later. These people have been helping me for��months��or even years and I fight them still. I think and believe that God can see that and that is why he is changing it up on me.��
Yes those people are still there and I do try and listen to them but God has sent me new people. Why, I don’t know. Well, it might be the same thing that people have been saying to me but it’s��coming��from some one��different. ��
I think God has seen me slipping back and has sent other people my way. There are days were I can see myself stepping into me like Elisie said but there are days that I find myself fighting it. On those days I find myself talking to the other people that God has sent into my life.��
I think that this post has a lot to do with what Elsie said in her podcast. Thank you so much for what you do, and for helping to change some ones life also.


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