Angels looking down


Even though I am a person that is a catholic and loves to be Catholic. it’s not all of me. Just like I don’t like to use bad words. But some times they come out. I’m so much like all of my friends, family and people at work. Some times I forget why God put us here. I get so rapped up in what I am doing in the ever day life. However when I saw this pitcher from the Catholic family Podcast it took me right back to being a little girl. And that inter child takes over me.��

The more and more that I look at this pitcher, the more and more I think of angels. ��I also think of people that I have lost in my life. People that I know went to heaven. ��I also think to myself that those people are looking down on me and keeping me in line. Just look at it. What comes to mind when you see it?��


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