I hope the angels are looking out for me


Have you ever had a day that you feel like nothing you do is right?

Well today was a day like that. I hope that the angels are looking out for me today. Today I feel like I have been forgotten. Don’t ask why, but I do feel that way. I do know that my brain is going and going. I can’t make it stop from racing. So that is kind of why I’m here, right now. I figer that if I can’t make it stop racing I could blog something that I have been thinking about.  It’s a letter from my inner self, And this is how it goes.
Dear Mary
Don’t think I can see right through you, because I can. You need to look at me the little girl in side you. I’m the only one that is hurting  from what you are doing. You think that talking about all of the fears that “we” have is going to make me feel better. Well I have to tell you that it’s not going to help. I know that you still believe in God and angels. I hope they are looking out for you. I have tried to tell you that this whole excepting is a BIG bad thing. You don’t really thing that the can of worms that you are opening is going to be pretty.
You know that if “we” get too close to people they are just going to go away. It has happened so many times. Ever time this happens. a part of you the adult dies and doesn’t feel like they can be any adult any more. How do you think that I have gotten were I am today. Mary, I’m the parts of you that were put aside. I am the things that you don’t really won’t to look at any more. I am you that feels like I can’t do anything right. I am the parts that are hurting more and more. I am the peaces that just don’t know what is going to be next. I am the person that you have never looked at past the end of your face. You get so mad at people because they don’t look past the end of there nose, and you can’t do it ether . You know I’m out here waiting for you to really see me, But you have forgotten were I am. You know that, and I know you know that, so don’t try and say other ways.
I really hope that if you can’t see me then the angels will look out for you.

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