The rain is here!!!


Ok as I was driving home today I could not decide if I like rain better then snow. With rain I find it much harder to see in. snow. you can just look at the road and see were ever one has driven. My B-friend would like me to do something on our deck this year. Last year I didn’t do anything. I love getting out there and playing in the plants. but with no money this year it’s going to be a bit hard. He said that he would pay for it, I looked at him and said do you know how much it is to do our deck? He said oh not that much money. He has no clue.  

I’m also behind in my podcast listening. If it keeps up with the rain this weekend I will get up to date. I have two podcast that I am up to date on. I would like it to stay that way. Then there are little ones that I am listening to those only take about 30 min to get back up to date on. 
I don’t like the clouds and stuff but they can stay ONLY if it rains 🙂 If they start given snow off I’m going to have to send them Off. I’m glad the weekend is here and I hope to get to my bath room. Yes I know I have been talking about the bath room for a bit now. but let me tell you I feel really good and if that is the only thing I do this weekend I will be very happy. 
It’s always nice to see the work coach right before the weekend starts because then I can talk to her and put work behind me. and look at the weekend. At one time when I was working with someone different I could almost always know that when she called at the end of the day, at that point work was over. Now it’s a bit harder. So the weeks that I see the work coach I try really hard to see her at the end of my day on friday. Just so if there was something that I didn’t like or I really needed to talk to her about. I can do it, and then put work out of my mind

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