The Path of the un known


This pitcher is another pitcher that I took. I walk on this path when I get out of ��the house and it’s not snowing. But I love it. You would never believe that it’s next to a road. I love it.

With my Cerebral Palsy I have found that meditation is good. lots of the ones that I use are “think of a place that you would go that is calm. . .” and this is the place that I always think of when I have to find my self on a path. I can’t believe that this is the path that is the one that I think of but the more I look at it the more this is the place that I go to. I have a few��different��pitchers from this path way. Some of the pitchers are pitchers of looking back to see were I have come from in the past year or two. However this one is the one that is always the one the comes up as what is coming up and the un-known. I think it’s because of the bends in the path.��

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