Another reason why it should be spring


I know��Eastor came early, but in my family growing up Easter was the time that we new that it was spring time. So right now it’s hard to believe that even though Easter had come and gone it would not be a good thing for spring close.

I love my family this is pitchers of my sister and her son. collering Eggs. I was over and it was s much fun doing this as when we were little kids also. Any time that we get to do things to gether I’m very happy about it. My Bother in law was taking pitchers also. So that is why you don’t see him. but hie was there.��

These are the eggs that we collered. It was a fun day to spend time together, Even though it was snowing like something fears out side. ��And Yes “Mommies” egg that she cracked was on the table. but the other egg that someone other them mommy cracked ��was on the table too.��

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