People that have helped change my life

People that have helped change my life. I’m sitting here thinking of what God has given me. Yes I do have Cerebral Palsy. But that is o.k for today as I write this I’m not thinking about it. I think it’s just because it is the first day in a very long time that it is nice out. I’m looking out side and thinking of a lot of things. 
My family moved a lot when I was  a little girl. so my family was and still is important factor of making me who I am today. However there are others that have played a factor in shaping me, and molding me into who I am today also. I have had people who were teachers in school and they are still teaching me today. They might not be teaching me reading, or writing. However they are teaching me life things. I have had boss’s start of as just that. And then later on in life become mentors. 
I can not forget my dear life time friends that I have just grown up with from school. I think these are the people that have helped me a lot when I was going to school. I could all ways look up to them. I was a person that found friends that were in higher level classes then me, so I all ways had some thing to strive for. Yes, we did have things incommen, like girls scout, Band, church. and just being kids, 
However living in a lot of places also had it’s toll on me. As a young child it was fine but as I got older it got much harder. But Meme and I worked through it and we would get though it and look now I have a loving Boy friend and I’m in a place that is good for me. 
I am starting to be able to look at the cerebral Palsy for what it is. I am able to get the help I need for work. I am able to understand that there are other people in the world that have disabilities, I see it ever time I go to the Courage Center, and that is Ok. I’m able to ask for help when I need it. I am learning that people will help me if and when I need it. and again it’s OK.
I was never one of those people who put pity on disabled  people. I never wonted to be treated different growing up. So if there was a person with a disability at school or work I NEVER looked at them different. I know that I didn’t wont to be treated different then others. but now I know that I need accommodations to do what others are doing and I don’t see the accommodations as a bad thing any more. Ones again people had to help me see that, and people will always help me with learning, living, and growing. So there are always going to be people that help change my life which is not a bad thing. 

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