I have been thinking about many diffrient types of dreams that I have. I love to dream but I have gotten to the point were I’m dreaming of things that I know I will never beable to do. Like


ice skating

having my own home with a yard and all that 

not having a disability
Some times I even think of not having kids.

I also think that night dreams are from God. At least in my life I feel that God can talk to me when I’m not fighting it. I know he is talking to me all the time but most the time I can’t hear him. So at night I believe that my dreams at night are from God.

Day dreaming is somthing that is some what new to me. I feel that some times it is the little girl in me trying to come out. These are the things that even though I know I will never be able to do I still think that I might be able to do. 
I have not been able to talk about dreaming for a long time because it’s been so long sentes I have dreamed. I has only been with in the last two months ( half days at work) that I have been able to dream at night.  And now I find myself day dreaming longer and more often.  I have also found myself not just day dreaming about things I can’t do but things that are things that might come true. 

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